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Tidy Closet


Tracy Bowers, Professional Organizer

When I was a very little girl, I remember asking my mom where to put some miscellaneous parts and toys that had been sitting in a brown canister on my bedroom shelf.  She said they would be fine where they were... for now.  I remember that hurting my stomach.  I wanted to know where they belonged forever - a permanent place.  I wanted to put them “away.”

I started organizing for a childhood friend back in 2000. My friend loved how I helped her organize her room when we were little girls and wanted me, now, to help her as a busy mom. She loved the systems we created together and was so happy she told all her friends that they should hire me, which they did. Things grew, and here I am today with a thriving business that is so fulfilling!

I have been married to my wonderful husband and best friend for 33 years. We have been blessed with five beautiful children that have brought us so much happiness and joy. We have seven sweet grand-babies and growing. My family is my life and my joy.

Specializing in taking those cluttered areas of your home and turning them into peaceful organized living spaces.

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