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Pro Coaching Session with Tracy (90 min)

Let me coach you on starting/building your own organizing business

1 hr 30 min. | $300


My 90 minute coaching session is a time where I can share with you my advise, strategies & expertise on establishing and/or building-up your Professional Organizing Business. and you can ask me anything, i.e...

*How I got started
*How I attract clients
*What works and what doesn’t
*How to find product at the best price
*How I was able to create a team
*How much did I charge at the beginning
*How much do I charge now
*What is involved to make an organizing business successful
*How I grew my Instagram
*Best Organizing tips..

Avoid all the challenges and pit falls I experienced, and get your business up and profitable faster than you ever thought possible.

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Pro Coaching Session with Tracy (90 min)

1 hr. 30 min. | $300

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