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New-Build or Remodel Consultation (60 min)

Designing a new kitchen/pantry? Let me share some things to consider.

1 hr | $200


During our 60 minute conversation I will give you insights and recommendations on what works best in your new space in terms of organization and functionality.

We will discuss how your new design should support & provide for the establishment of zones and systems that will allow us to create a maintainable, aesthetically pleasing, highly organized, and functional space.

I will give you some recommendations, talk about things that are often missed, and provide items to consider. I'll offer ideas related to placement & dimensions, and things to think about when planning and designing your space with your designer and/or builder.

The information and advice I provide has been accumulated from my many years of working in so many diverse styles, types, and sizes of homes. I look forward to discussing your new space with you!

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New-Build or Remodel Consultation 
60 min. | $200

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