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Tips to Organizing a Small Coat Closet

Be Creative

When you have a small space that you want to get organized, you need to be creative in your thinking so you can use every bit of space wisely.

Make a Plan

Look at your closet/space and everything in it. Stop for a few minutes before you even begin and just think about what you really want in that space. What can you get rid of?

Organizing Products

Use organizing products that will help keep things separated. This REALLY makes a big difference when it comes to utilizing your space efficiently.

Use Wall Space

Don't forget to use the wall space whenever you can! Command Hooks are always awesome for this! There are many sizes and styles to choose from.

I also used a "spring loaded curtain rod" to hold the umbrellas and canes up against the wall. You could also use this idea when storing wrapping paper.

You can get so much more in a small closet if you utilize wall space!

The AFTER is coming! Hold on!

Separating "like items" into their own containers is nice to do if you can. It helps you be able to find things quickly. These items used to all be in one big box and it was hard to find what you may be looking for and it was much harder to keep things neat and tidy.

Make sure to measure your space and have a plan before you take off to buy your supplies. It's always great if you can get the same size boxes that will stack nicely together. And OF COURSE label your boxes. I just printed these labels from the computer and attached them with packaging tape. I do this instead of using a label maker when I want an extra large label.

We used this top shelf for just all the extra work books and fun things the family doesn't use that often but didn't know what to do with. You may think a coat closet is a funny place to store something like this, but is was available space and it works.

To be organized you just need to create a "home" for your things. Wherever that place is, that may work for your family, is fine! The trick is just making sure everything always goes BACK to the place it was created to go!

Basic cardboard magazine boxes are a great thing to use to hold work books, catalogs and spirals. It is always better to stand these things up for easy access if you can. It keeps things neat and keeps the books from sliding all over the place.

Thats it! Just a few tips that I hope gave you a few ideas!

Happy Organizing!!

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