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Using Your Attic Space

Many of us complain of needing more storage space. Many times we have tons of space in our attics but we just don't know how to utilize it.

Since my husband happens to be handy, he was able to enlarge an opening in one of our bedrooms and add stairs that drop down. He then carried up 2x4 sheets of 3/4 inch particle board or plywood and nailed them to floor boards. Bam! We now have created a much needed space to put my organized storage items!

But if you aren't able to add drop down stairs or enlarge the attic opening. there IS another option! You can buy Attic Dek Flooring. It comes in smaller pieces that can be carry through a small opening. Again you just attach it to the floor boards in your attic so that you have a strong floor with support. You can also buy just a little at a time if budget is a problem. You can buy a pack of four 24"x16" for only $40 buck on Amazon. You can also find it at some hardware stores. I'll share a link for the 8 pack. Check it out!


So there you go! Go create tons more storage! BUT only put things in your attic that are in sealed plastic bins, AND only things that you have organized and gone through and know you love! No junk! :) If your attic gets super hot you don't want to put photo's up there either. Anyway, have fun!

Happy organizing!

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