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How to Organize the Big Messes!


I would always take a picture before starting any organizing project. It will motivate you to want a really good AFTER picture and it keeps you moving! It helps, I promise!

Above are a few "Before" pictures I started with today.


When you have a big overwhelming mess to tackle, make sure you give yourself the time needed to tackle what you want to accomplish for that day. Don't take on too much.

This entire room needed to be done but we only had a few short hours today. My clients goal was for us to clear out the sewing corner, but we had a lot of clutter blocking our way. Obviously that was first priority. Where do we begin?


Sorting is THE key in any organizing project! Start by just putting things into "like" piles. If you have bins to put these piles in that would be ideal. Make sure to create a clear space to do this. I wish I took pictures of this process today, but will do that for you next time.


Make sure one of those piles is a Donate Pile! Get rid of EVERYTHING you no longer use or like during this sorting process. ONLY keep things that you love and for sure use or need.


Once everything around the area you are organizing is sorted, you are able to see what you have and it gives you a better idea of how to put things away. If boxes are needed, I would always use clear bins with lids, if possible. Target, Walmart or Costco seem to have the best prices on these.

Here is the straightened corner after working on it today. Things aren't quite finished yet but we will make things really nice as we continue working on the room. We actually ended up cleaning up much more than just this corner. The mess in the middle of her room is gone! I of course, didn't take pictures that I wish I had, but you get the idea.

Now go tackle your cluttered area!! It feels GREAT!

Stay Organized! :)


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