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That Extra Touch to Help Create a Super Tidy Bathroom



Fresh Paint- Paint is cheap. You can paint a small bathroom for under 30 bucks and It can sometimes be the difference between night and day! A bathroom can usually be completely painted in a few short hours. You just need to set aside the time and block that time out on your calendar. Remember a small space will look bigger and brighter with a light colored paint. You can't go wrong with a simple white. A pale, pale grey is a real stylish color right now as well!



Good Lighting- A dim bathroom can seem dirty or depressing. Lighten it up!! Wash your light fixtures and put in the brightest bulb that the fixture allows. If you have windows, wash them!



Fresh Towels- Hanging fresh towels that MATCH the decor of the bathroom are always a nice accent and helps give that needed pop of color. But if your kids use this bathroom it is not always the most practical to have fancy towels hanging up. I suggest assigning each child "their own colored towel" that they always know is theirs and are responsible for. These colors could all match the decor of the bathroom. There should be a hook for each assigned towel, then there is never an excuse for a towel to be on the floor!


Keeping Things Uniform- I like to buy shampoo and conditioner in bulk at the local hair supply or at Costco. Using a funnel, fill Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash into 16oz squeeze bottles. Label them, and bam. They are uniform, easy to handle and just look so neat and tidy in your bathroom! This is an especially nice touch to have in your guest bathroom if you have one.

Keep things off the counter if possible to reduce the cluttered look. These little touches just give a nice, clean feel to any bathroom! Have fun with it! Good luck and remember to "Stay Organized!"


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