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Storage Container Consistency

A key to having a storage area of your home looking spiffy and organized is to have all the same size containers. So often we pile an area with a million different types of organizing containers to the point where everything just looks cluttered and junky. Not good. Let me just show you a few areas of my home to explain.

Garage shelving is great! But when you put in shelves, measure the bins you want to use and make sure THOSE bins fit! Or if you already have shelves, look for bins that fit the area as closely as possible. Measure! You can put soo much more on a shelf if you use bins. You want to fill every bit of space you can while still making things easy to get to. Put “like” things together and of course label!

Above is a picture of some of my husband’s shelves in our garage. See how he uses every single bit of space? Everything is also labeled and easy to get to! If you don’t have as much shelving and need to stack some boxes, that is ok, but make sure every box or bin has a lid! And you don’t want to stack too high.

Above are photo boxes I have stored in a clothes closet. I didn’t even plan this but they fit perfectly! I had to find a new home for my old pictures and just walked around my house trying different things. Usually I wouldn’t store photos in a clothes closet, but it is a very high shelf that I can’t get to very easily. I hardly ever pull down these photos so it ended up being perfect. Don’t be afraid to move things around and try different things. At one time, some of these photos were in shoe boxes and different bins. It made a HUGE difference when I finally bought photo boxes, all the same size. I did this many years ago when money was very tight. I just bought a couple boxes at a time when they were on sale. That’s why they are different colors. I personally like everything matchy matchy, but do what feels good to you and makes you happy! (These boxes aren't labeled because they are not in a specific order. They are being scanned and put in order digitally! )

These bins are under hanging clothes in my very small coat closet. I found bins that fill up as much of the floor space as possible! They work great to separate the winter clothes I didn’t know what to do with since I have no shelves or space to hang them. These bins stack nicely and work perfectly!

I get most all of my bins from Target. They just have a great selection and are quite often on sale. Don’t buy bins just because they are on sale though!! Wait till you have a purpose for them! Otherwise these organizing supplies just end up taking up space and causing clutter instead of helping you to loose the clutter! Bad. Also remember to measure your space before purchasing! You don’t want multiple trips to the store.

Now have fun and go get organized! If you enjoy getting helpful tips, subscribe to my website and YouTube channel!


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