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Stackers Jewelry Box

How would you like to create a jewelry box tailored to your exact specification, so all your jewelry could be totally organized and fit your needs perfectly?

"Stackers" are completely modular and beautifully constructed from materials of the utmost quality. Each features a grooved base so multiples stack securely. Add on easily as your collection grows. ( Yes, I just copied that from its advertisement. I just couldn't say it better! hahah)

I don't sell these or get anything for telling you about them. I just think they are beautiful, classy and a great way to keep your jewelry organized! And I love to share great ideas with you!!

Just for fun, I am GIVING AWAY this classic Stacker to help one lucky lady to get started. To enter the contest just visit my Instagram account.

Contest runs till 5:00pm Oct 7th, 2015. Good luck! And remember to stay organized!


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