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5 Tips to Having an Organized Entry Way

The first thing people see when they walk into our home is the entryway. Unfortunately family members so often think of this as the perfect dumping ground. Clutter builds up quite quickly and we all know that, that causes unwanted stress! With a good routine and nicely organized entryway you can minimize the stress and clutter in your life! Sounds like a marvelous idea doesn’t it?! I thought so.

I love simplicity, but functionality is just as important. To be honest, I would love clean walls and hallways with almost nothing on/in them. They would be simple and fresh. But we need to be realistic. We all have STUFF. Reality is that shoes, jackets, bags, socks, and hats often find their way plopped right in front of our back or front door, depending on where we enter. How can we solve this “clutter build up” problem?….. We need to create a home for these things and we need to come up with a simple routine, that helps us keep these things in their place.

Here is a list of the things you might want to consider adding to your entryway to make it functional and also beautiful!


What does that have to do with being organized? Organization isn’t just where stuff goes, but also a frame of mind and what goes on around you. You want to simplify your life and make routines easier. Having a mirror by the entryway gives you a chance to take one last look at yourself to make sure you are set and ready to take off for the day.


It’s a good idea to have a place for people to sit and put on and take off their shoes. Another way to simplify getting out the door.


Positioned near the front door, a narrow entryway table can become command central for the entire house. Car keys, pocket change, and mail frequently find their way here. Keep it all organized with a catch-all spot, like a pretty glass tray, ceramic bowl, or decorative basket. Tables with drawers are another smart option. -Bob Vila


Its so easy to just fling your coat, bag, or purse at any couch or chair as you walk into the house. Make your life easier by putting up some kind of hooks to hang your things on.


Lastly, It is great to have bins, baskets, or cute boxes for storage. You can have a bin for things such as shoes, scarfs, hats, and gloves. Anything you think you will use regularly when you leave your home. Maybe grocery bags, a gym bag, or anything that makes sense for your daily routine.

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