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Laundry Room Make Over - Creating More Space

My daughter wanted a basket for every family member so that she can fold clothes AS THEY COME OUT OF THE DRYER and put folded clothes in “their” basket right away! Very organized idea, right?! But.. she needed more space! So, she created some. She also wanted pretty and functional and made that happen as well. Let me show you how!


All three of these are before pictures of a hated laundry room. BUT the first picture was taken AFTER Chelsea changed the lightbulbs! What a difference JUST that made!

Chelsea hated her laundry room for a few reasons. She hated the clutter, the lighting, and lack of a space to create an organized system. The wasted wall space by the sink area also just drove her crazy. But have no fear! My daughter is a problem solver!

Steps to Achieve New Look

First thing she did was buy Daylight Light Bulbs to get rid of the yellow color that was illuminating the depression laundry room. That alone made a huge difference as you can see in the pictures.

Next she went to Home Depot and bought a piece of 3/4" Birch plywood and asked them to cut it down to the measurements of her washer and dryer. She wanted to add a piece of plywood to the top of her front loaded washer and dryer to give a much more functional space and boy did it work! She did have to make a a couple cuts to make sure it fit all the way to the back wall. Then she just added stain to the wood.

The AFTER is coming! Hold on!

The wall above her sink was a total waste. She tried putting a rod up but it really didn't hold anything substantial.

So, to utilize the wasted wall space she added The Container Stores elfa shelves. WOW, what she is able to store on that wall now is amazing! (The After is coming...)

Next she measured the space on her new platform above her washer and dryer and then bought the perfect size baskets on Amazon. She OF COURSE labeled and laminated a tag for every family member's new basket. She loves and uses her laminator often, by the way.