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Virtual Organizing Session (90 min)

Get a virtual one-on-one session on how to organize your space

1 hr 30 min. | $150


Hi! I’m so happy you’re interested in one of our 90 minute Virtual Organizing Sessions!

What will your session include/look like? You will receive a 90 minute virtual meeting with me (Madie) to look over your space so I can get a feel for what types of product you’ll need and discuss questions you have. As we are talking, I will send you an individualized list of product links and a guide for you to carry out your project.

Why am I qualified to virtually organize your space? I have been working directly underneath Tracy for years. I was trained by her in the beginning and have watched and assisted her in transforming hundreds of homes ever since.

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Virtual Organizing Session (90 min)

1 hr. 30 min. | $150

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