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Keeping Order with Binder Clips

I love “Binder Clips”. They fasten together large amounts of papers so neatly and efficiently. They even have so many fun colors these days! I use them in many different situations, but today I’m just going to share one example.

Sometimes we have a grouping of papers that we no longer need access to BUT because of their importance we still need to save them as a possible “someday reference”. If you don't have room in your filing cabinet for these papers but still need to keep them in an orderly manner, binder clips will come in handy!

If you are filing away a group of papers that need to be divided into different categories separate them with small binder clips instead of bulky file folders.

Then use a large clip to fasten everything together. Look how neat everything is! And you can use your label maker to even label the binder clips! How great is that?

Then you can store your project in paper boxes. I got these for only a $1.50 at the Daiso Japan store. I have seem them at other dollar stores as well.

You can also use expandable file folders. I got this one on clearance at office depot for a buck!

Bam! Everything is neat, organized and contained. I would just remember to be consistent in how you store extra papers like this. Decide which way you like to store them and do the SAME thing every time. That is one of the keys to staying organized.

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