What People Have to Say....


Audrey Parry

“I’m a wife and a mother of 4 kids. I live in a very small modest home. With all my children, their friends, and 3 dogs, my life is in chaos. I have had Tracy help me with different projects over the last few years and what a life savor she has been! I can’t believe how much stuff I had and how much I was actually able to let go of. Less Stuff and Less Chaos! She has helped me create places for things and has taught me a system that helps me keep things in their place. Tracy is smart, quick, and knows what she is doing. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants some peace of mind. Our next adventure together is working on our garage. I can’t wait to get started!” — Audrey Parry


I have two little kids and was so stressed about having to unpack all our stuff into our new home. It was going to be so hard to get anything done. I didn't want to live in chaos for 6 months. Tracy from Organize Simply helped me unpack into my new 5 bedroom house. I knew she was going to be helpful, but I had no idea she was a miracle worker!! She unpacked and put every single one of my belongings in a place in 2 days!! I could not believe it! Every single box unpacked. That would have taken me months. It took so much stress off the move. For one more day she details organized my kitchen and everything was in the perfect spot. She thought of things I wouldn't have thought of and I consider myself an organized person. If you're considering hiring Organize Simply to help you move, do it! It's well worth your money. I've never met anyone more hardworking. You will get your money's worth for sure. -Chelsea


“My name is Karen and Tracy has been helping me organize my whole house. I had a flood several months ago and they recently brought back over 100 boxes, it was overwhelming. Without her help, I am sure it would take me a year to go through it all. She keeps me focused and gently helps me with thousands of decisions that I need to make, like, keep, throw away, donate give to friends or sell. I think she is worth her weight in gold! Thanks Tracy



Wow!!! As soon as we got started, I started to see a difference! Tracy knows what to do and how. She just gets in and gets it done. I have been trying for years to get myself organized, but just struggled with it. She comes in, and within 3 hours had me feeling less stressed and less overwhelmed. She helped me to organize my paperwork area and our bedroom which had become a disaster. If you are looking for a pleasant, nonjudgmental, friendly person to help you get your life back on track, then Tracy is the lady to hire. You will not be disappointed if you hire her to help you. As soon as I have enough money saved again, I am hiring her to help me with my kitchen. That is the next agenda! Thank you Tracy.

Anne H.

Tracy is incredible! We are building a kitchen and she came out with only a few days notice to help me figure out our walk in pantry shelf configuration and organization. She was so generous with her time, and had great organizing ideas. Very sweet, a pleasure to work with, can't recommend her highly enough!

Karen H

Honestly I couldn't ask for someone who is more kind and thoughtful. She is a good organizer. We had flood and everything was out in boxes and I was so overwhelmed. Tracy helped organize everything. She helped to sort and organize after my mother's estate. Such a patient and sweet person. I have referred her to others in the real estate community and to my friends as well. –Karen H.

Julie J

I'd tried and failed to create some kind of usable order out of my back room a number of times. It was meant to be my guest room/home office/closet. But it ended up being a giant junk drawer. I was completely on top of myself in there and only really used it to change clothes and hide crap. I hated it and knew I needed professional help. But shame kept me from seeking it for a long time. I was ASHAMED for someone to see the horrible mess I hid from everyone else... and judge me for it... The hardest part was actually making the decision to let someone in.

I got Tracy's name through family members & checked out some of her videos online, & found her to be adorable and super enthusiastic. This is a woman who obviously loved a big mess! I knew I could let her in. Soooo glad I did!

She gave great instruction & really did make the whole process so simple. And even FUN! How was THAT possible?? This is a woman who's found her life's purpose. She was obviously in her bliss while sorting through my big pile of shame.

Now I actually have a fabulously organized OPEN and super comfortable space to work, study, play and host in. Its beautiful. It's like she built on an extra room. I'm thrilled beyond belief and never want to leave.

The whole experience was miraculously therapeutic. She dismantled my shame, and now when I look at my room I feel pride, joy and RELIEF!