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What People Have to Say....

  • Julie J
    Mind BLOWN! I'd tried and failed to create some kind of usable order out of my back room a number of times. It was meant to be my guest room/home office/closet. But it ended up being a giant junk drawer. I was completely on top of myself in there and only really used it to change clothes and hide crap. I hated it and knew I needed professional help. But shame kept me from seeking it for a long time. I was ASHAMED for someone to see the horrible mess I hid from everyone else... and judge me for it... The hardest part was actually making the decision to let someone in. I got Tracy's name through family members & checked out some of her videos online, & found her to be adorable and super enthusiastic. This is a woman who obviously loved a big mess! I knew I could let her in. Soooo glad I did! She gave great instruction & really did make the whole process so simple. And even FUN! How was THAT possible?? This is a woman who's found her life's purpose. She was obviously in her bliss while sorting through my big pile of shame. Now I actually have a fabulously organized OPEN and super comfortable space to work, study, play and host in. Its beautiful. It's like she built on an extra room. I'm thrilled beyond belief and never want to leave. The whole experience was miraculously therapeutic. She dismantled my shame, and now when I look at my room I feel pride, joy and RELIEF! THANK YOU TRACY!!!!
  • Kayleen M
    Tracy and team, I cried in my car watching this post. This is my parent's house and I can't tell you how healing and amazing it is to see you be able to come help my mom. After trying multiple times over so many years. I can tell you there's something special and unique about you, and about how you run your business for my mom to allow you to help her with this. It's a very vulnerable thing for her and I can't thank you enough for what you've done and what you're doing.
  • Indy S
    Tracy!!! I’m so sorry I didn’t get to thank you in person. You are so amazing! I walked down stairs and had full body chills! It’s seriously the biggest weight lifted off of my shoulders to have that all done. And thank you for doing the toys and the clothes!! Seriously my hero! Thank you! thank you! thank you!
  • Joleen J
    Oh how my heart is soaring❣️ What a lift to remove a physical and mental weight of many years. In this organizing process I hope to continue to improve. I love how you run your business❣️I love your awesome ladies who cheer me on to the finish line❣️I feel their genuine kindness and hearts with no judgement. I’d love to have all of you as my neighbors! I can’t thank you enough for all that has has been done by many hands. You are my super heroinnes❣️
  • Chari G
    I just need to write you and let you know that your team organized my kitchen, laundry and craft room when we moved into our new house in Draper almost 4 years ago. You were unable to come because you were still in CA, but one day, I would still love to meet you. I love to be organized and I follow a lot of organization companies on social media. As I look at other's organization projects, you and your team are hands down THE BEST!! I am so glad I chose your team to do my house!! There are still some areas I would love for you to do like our storage room and garage, and when we have the money to do those areas, I will still be choosing your team! Thank you Tracy!!
  • Anne H.
    Tracy is incredible! We are building a kitchen and she came out with only a few days notice to help me figure out our walk in pantry shelf configuration and organization. She was so generous with her time, and had great organizing ideas. Very sweet, a pleasure to work with, can't recommend her highly enough!
  • Karen H
    Honestly I couldn't ask for someone who is more kind and thoughtful. She is a good organizer. We had flood and everything was out in boxes and I was so overwhelmed. Tracy helped organize everything. She helped to sort and organize after my mother's estate. Such a patient and sweet person. I have referred her to others in the real estate community and to my friends as well.
  • Barbara R.
    The before and after pictures show how talented your team is! My family loves the results!!! What I love is that it will be so easy to maintain because everything has a place and is labeled! I am so thrilled with the final product. Everyone on your team was so nice and fun to work with! Thumbs up to all of you!
  • Michelle W
    YOU GUYS DID SUCH AN AMAZING JOB!!!! thank you SO much!!! I can't stop looking at my pantry and opening drawers and cabinets to stare at your beautiful work! 🤩🤩🤩🤩. Getting this done before the school year starts is such a huge blessing! I already notice the feeling of drudgery I usually have about going to the store and planning meals melting away because this part of our lives is not only orderly but also so BEAUTIFUL! Your team was so lovely and sweet to my kids- THANK YOUII 😍🤩🥳😭😭😭😭😭
  • Missy H
    You and your fabulous team organized my storage room, food storage room, pantry and garage last Fall. I just have been wanting to reach out and tell you Thank you for some time. Before this pandemic even happened I notice some changes In my life because of the organization that took place. The first thing I noticed is I was saving time and money, I know exactly what I have, what I need. I don’t need to wonder while at the grocery store and I can easily make a plan of attack in a few short minutes for a grocery run. I also lost weight, this might sound odd, but because my pantry is so clean and organized, I even found I was snacking less and not hiding treats. I wasn’t stress eating. But my biggest aha moment and gratitude moment came when we had this pandemic hit. I knew exactly what food I had enough of and what I needed. I knew I had Toilet Paper, lysol wipes, paper towels and cleaning supplies and I was able to feel an incredible sense of relief and have my stress level go down. I know where my food is, what I have, what I need and that I don’t need to panic. I can’t even begin to imagine how I would have spiraled out of control if my food storage hadn’t been organized. I would have been one of those hoarding and not knowing what to do with it all. Your team and the skills they have brought into my life have been one of my top things I am grateful for during this crazy time….and forever will be. Thanks again for doing what you do. It truly has changed my life. I have a more centered, happy life filled with peace and gratitude for the things I have. Love your instagram, it’s keeping me motivated.
  • Annie D
    TRACY!!!! It was like Christmas morning!!! My whole family is in absolute love with what your team did today!!!! It will be so easy to maintain with everything having a spot!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ the gals on your team were all so sweet, too!! I felt like it was my sisters at my house helping me!!! …I don't have any sisters, only 4 brothers, but I could imagine!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  • Wendy
    I follow a few organizers, but you are by far the best! Your videos are so helpful, I love how you talk through your process and give tips. I've had so much trouble trying to get organized because I didn't know how to utilize the bins, space, and lazy Susan's effectively. Thank you so much! I'm so excited to get organized!
  • Brandy B
    I’m still dying over my pantry and cupboards!!! It makes my heart happy to walk in there! After I got back from Disneyland I went shopping cause we were a little low on stuff. I filled up stuff with the things in my extras bin and then added the rest to my list. It was easily the LOWEST SHOPPING BILL I’ve ever had! I bought what I needed and what i use! Thank you! I will end up saving so much money in the long run!!!!! You are worth every penny!!!!
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