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Getting Control of Trash and Clutter

After spending time cleaning out a cluttered room, it is always so amazing to me how much of the room usually just ends up being unwanted items and trash. So much. One way to avoid this is to make sure you have a trash can/bin in EVERY single area of your home. Often trash gets set down because there is nowhere to put it. Make it a habit to empty cans daily! Your room will just feel so much neater and cleaner when it is trash free. It seems so simple and almost silly, but you will be amazed at how much of the clutter bothering you is just trash!

If you want to have a tidy home it is also CRITICAL that you have Donate Box sitting somewhere ready to fill! I suggest the garage or laundry room. Make sure you label it! You want to fill that sucker regularly! Anytime you come across something that doesn't fit, that is no longer used or needed, drop it in the box. If you don't have a place set aside for this, things will just constantly be moved around and start to build up. Just like the trash, your donate bin needs to be taken care of regularly. I have a Goodwill just a couple blocks from me. They know me by name because I visit so regularly! Make it a habit to throw your donations in the back of your car as soon as your box or bin is full. When you are out and about make a quick stop to the local charity you have chosen. It really becomes no big deal to stay on top of it once you start making this a regular routine.

Getting rid of trash and unwanted items regularly will keep clutter from building and will help your home turn from a place of chaos to a place that is peaceful and Tidy. Happy Home = Happy People!

Now get to it! It will make you happy!


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