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How To Git-R-Done!

THE Trick to Getting Things done!

Do you find yourself constantly talking about how “someday” you’re going to get that garage cleaned out. Or do you feel stressed out every time you look at that pile of papers on your desk that just keeps growing and growing because you don’t have time to get to it?!

Well,.. There is a trick to getting it done and lucky for you, I’m going to share that trick with you! But first, below are some pictures from my client’s garage. Yes, this was stressing her out and she talked about doing it but never got it done…. Until today! We’ll, THIS part of her garage got done today.

If you want to increase your productivity by 50% experts say that a thing called, “Time Blocking” can make it happen!

Plan your day by giving yourself blocks of time to accomplish certain tasks. It has to be written out. You can use a simple spread sheet or buy a simple planner that lists the times of day.

During that time, ONLY work on that task you had planned to do. Of course, sometimes other critical things come up where you will have to switch things up, but if you have a plan and plan to stick with it, you can increase your productivity in an amazing way!

We were able to get this done in about 3 hours. What was the trick to getting it done? ….. Drum Roll Please! She scheduled the time to do it! Yes, she needed help so she hired me. If you can afford to get help, hire somebody or just ask a friend to help you. THE trick is though to schedule that time to actually do it!

Most people don’t have a whole day to clean out the garage. Sooo, plan to clear out a couple shelves today and maybe a couple more next week. Block out a three-hour time of your day. SET a TIMER. You will be AMAZED at what you can accomplish!

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